Make Money From Your List

Geesh. I can't begin to tell you how many times this little sentence has been spat across the online world. But, what if it weren't true? What if it was all a little "white" lie to earn the presenter of it more money? Can that really be the case??

Well there is no easy answer to this one. It is both Yes AND No.

To tell you the truth, you CAN earn money from a mailing list via your newsletter or ezine. But, you CANNOT predict the efficiency with which you will rake in those profits.

If you ask any Internet Marketer they will tell you that you can expect to earn at the very least 1% from your mailing list. What's that mean? Well, if you have a list of say, 100 people, and you are attempting to sell a product for $10.00 to them, you can EXPECT to make 1 sale(s) and earn $10.00.

Now, if you are promoting a $197 product as an affiliate and get paid a 50% commission on it, you will earn from your ONE sale a grand total of $98.50. That's a big difference wouldn't you say?

What's the likelihood of you earning that almost $100 commission though?

And, is it possible you can get a higher expected earnings percentage than that of the standard 1%?

Generally, it all depends. It all depends on who you have on your list. And how many of those "whos" you have on your list to begin with.

Meaning, if you have built your list by offering "freebies" to your subscribers then you can expect that you will earn the 1% profit rate. However, if you have built your list from current customers who have already bought from you in the past, then you can expect that your earnings percentage rate will climb considerably. Which can be anywhere from 2% to 100%!!

Your current customers are where your profits lie in wait. And it is much, much easier to earn that $98.50 commission from the higher ticketed items when you know that the people you are pitching this to will spend their money. Besides that, you probably know already, if you are keeping good records of who's spending what with you, how many sales of this caliber you can expect.

Of course, this isn't an exact science though. There is always room for human error. Or, over calculation ;-).

This is not to say that you can't make over the standard 1% earning rate from the "freebie seekers". The best way to go with them is to offer them something good for a small price. This is usually the kind of thing they will go for.

To really earn good profits from your mailing list there is a secret. The secret is. . .Have More Than ONE List!

Yup. That's it. That's the secret. Now, if you only have one list you rely on to earn money then you already know what to expect. One sale per 100 subscribers. But, that equation DOUBLES if you have two lists to pull in profits from. Want to triple it? Then have 3 lists. And so on and so forth.

Do you think that the so called "gurus" only rely on one list for their earnings? If you do, then you are seriously dreaming! Of course they have more than one list. And the sweetest part about it is that they SPECIALIZE everything they offer to their multiple lists by creating "niches".

All a "niche" is is a specific topic. Nothing more. So instead of picking a general topic like earning money, you narrow that down to stay-at-home parents earning money. Then, to be sure you turn a profit with your little "niche" list, you only promote those products or services that will be of use, or help to them. THAT'S how you make your money from mailing lists. That's how the big boys do it. And that's how YOU should be doing it.

So, having specialized "niche" lists, and more than one of them, is recommended to EVERYONE marketing online. And, just so you know, if you're selling stuff online, then YOU are a marketer. 'Nuff said.

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